Oil on canvas 

62 x61' unwrapped | 2019

"Japanese Pot with Red Roses"

Oil on Canvas

66x53' | 2019


Oil on Canvas

36x48 |2019

Using bold, exaggerated brush strokes and a distinctive colour palette my paintings aim to evoke an emotion, confuse and unsettle the viewer. Each layered brush stoke is representative of time, loss, attraction, despair and even our desires - physical marks left like scars throughout a persons life. 

The paintings within this ongoing series are all open to interpretation, because in my opinion art is so much more interesting when the viewer has a say.

I want my work to divide opinions as that is the essence of creativity. If everyone liked the work, that would imply it was an easy hit and that is so uninteresting. 

The work should have an immediate impact, whether it be my use of colour, unfinished areas of the painting or chance marks where paint has splattered and run down the canvas, these are all devices to enhance the impact and the way the painting is viewed.

I love the way movies can create emotion through the use of sound or drama from its lighting. In painting you don’t have sound but through energetic brush strokes to quiet controlled marks I feel I can create the difference between loud and silent areas across the canvas helping me create an atmospheric quality and with the intention of the viewer piecing together missing areas.

My style is continuously developing and I don’t work in one particular way, I rarely know what the finished outcome is supposed to look like so through various techniques of applying paint to canvas I aim surprise myself and react to the subject in a unique way.

All works © Anton Jerome 2018. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Anton Jerome

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